Loose Change Short Film

an empty jar labeled "air pods" sitting on top of a counter.

As part of IAT 202, New Media Images, students were asked to create a short film that applied theoretical concepts of cinematography, lighting, editing, sound, story, and post-production effects. For this project, I was inspired to create an uplifting story about giving back to those in need. My goal for the project was to encourage audiences to reflect on their material desires, and what really matters in the world. 

Logline: In this inspiring drama, a young university student is saving up to buy a luxurious item when a surprise encounter makes her second-guess her intentions.


After coming up with the initial idea, the first step was to storyboard the sequence to layout the story visually. This was done in two interactions, a quick sketch of possible thumbs and a more refined storyboard with proper annotations. The storyboard, stage allowed me to take the visuals from my head and place them on paper to be able to communicate with my peers and teachers using a common language. I underestimated the importance of a good storyboard until it came time to film the sequences and I was constantly referring back to the outline and sketches in order to direct the actors and composition. 


If I were to re-create this project again I would pay more attention to the technical details of the camera settings such as shot composition and exposure. More consideration should have been given to the head/lead room of subjects and the rule of thirds to create a more well-rounded photographic composition. Also because this was my first time experimenting with manual camera settings there is a lot of digital grain due to some shots being underexposed. I believe that the inconsistency of exposure and color correction is the biggest flaw in the film. If I had more time I would have re-filmed sequences to ensure continuity across the film. 

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