Kinetic Typography

Heart with color beams shooting out, love me in script typography "Love me" in middle

Love Me is a kinetic typography motion graphic created for IAT100 Digital Image Design, to facilitate my learning of Adobe After Effects and the core principles of animation. Kinetic typography is the technical term for “moving text” in animation which combines motion and text to evoke emotions in viewers. Concepts involved in making a kinetic typography project include design elements of typography such as colour and typeface as well as motion techniques such as squash and stretch. I chose to base Love Me on one of my favourite scenes from the television series Grey’s Anatomy, to evoke love and desire mixing visual aspects of design and movement.


I developed the atmosphere of my project through the design itself which included the use of colour, typeface. I chose vibrant pastel colours that would create a lighthearted yet passionate mood aiding to the general theme of love. For the typeface, I chose to stay within the family of sans serif fonts so it would be clear for viewers to read as well as stylized fonts to help create emphasis. 

In relation to the movement, I applied principals of animation such as squash and stretch to make the motion flow smoothly together. Squash and stretch is the technique of exaggerating movements to show their properties. In specific points of the video, I implemented this concept to show the bouncy of particular words and shapes, as well as the weight and fiction of them in comparison to their environment. Together the colour, typeface, and motion create a kinetic typography clip that evokes the feeling of wholehearted love.


While I am proud of how much I was able to achieve in my first motion graphic I believe there is plenty of room for improvement. Looking back I realize that I could have utilized core animation concepts much better by exaggerating them, and including more motion details in all types rather than isolated areas. If I were to repeat this project I would pay closer attention to how each word connects with the next, specifically how they enter and exit the frame. 

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