Here, you will find a collection of professional design work showcasing my skills and experience outside of my focus on UX/UI design. This page is designed to give you an idea of my capabilities and range as a designer.

  • Welcome to the Omelette​ Bar

    Welcome to the Omelette​ Bar

    The Omelette Bar is an application that will allow users to simulate the process of making a fully customizable omelette of their choosing. Following the instructional cues given at the bottom of the program users will drag utensils around the screen to interact with objects, and drag and drop their desired ingredients into the pan.…

  • Roma Culture Magazine

    Roma Culture Magazine

    As part of a design project in IAT 102 Graphic Design students were tasked with creating a spread and website layout. The goal of the project was to learn how to work with grids and implement them into our designs. Roma Culture is an article based on the rich city of Rome and featured in the Italy…

  • Loose Change Short Film

    Loose Change Short Film

    As part of IAT 202, New Media Images, students were asked to create a short film that applied theoretical concepts of cinematography, lighting, editing, sound, story, and post-production effects. For this project, I was inspired to create an uplifting story about giving back to those in need. My goal for the project was to encourage…

  • Photography


    There’s something about being out in the wilderness, surrounded by the raw beauty of the natural world, that just speaks to my soul. I find that nature photography allows me to slow down and really take my time to explore and capture the perfect shot. Whether it’s the way the light filters through the trees…

  • Kinetic Typography

    Kinetic Typography

    Love Me is a kinetic typography motion graphic created for IAT100 Digital Image Design, to facilitate my learning of Adobe After Effects and the core principles of animation. Kinetic typography is the technical term for “moving text” in animation which combines motion and text to evoke emotions in viewers. Concepts involved in making a kinetic…

  • Illustrations


    Illustration is one of my hobbies! I don’t consider myself an artist but I do enjoy dabbling with flat illustrations and creating my own interpretations. It’s a medium that brings together my love for traditional art and digital design. I love experimenting with different styles, from photo-realistic covers to more stylized flat designs and cartoon…

  • Groovin Gummies

    Groovin Gummies

    A a stop-motion animation short film about gummy bears that are too small to function in a world built for humans but with a little teamwork, they can do anything!

  • Vogue Magazine Redesign

    Vogue Magazine Redesign

    As part of an introductory graphic design course, I redesigned the Vouge Magazine feature about Kamala Harris to address the controversy that arose from the causal appreciation for such a momentous achievement for several minority groups.

  • Detangled Roots

    Detangled Roots

    As part of a Graphic Design Book Publication class, I conceptualized and designed a print illustrated book including the full cover, interior spreads and binding.

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