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Logo of sans serif typography of typelab with tagline typography and design

As part of a Graphic Design for Magazine Publication course, I am currently working on developing a typography magazine as part of a semester-long project. I will be sharing updates to the project as I continue to work so stay tuned to see the final results. By sharing in-progress snapshots I hope to encourage others to learn and grow as designers.

When I began designing the brand, strategy, and logo for The Type Lab, I knew that I wanted to ensure that it would be a feasible product with a clear vision of its niche. So, I started by brainstorming possible ideas for the magazine. I jotted down all the potential content, readership, and publication details that came to mind. I then narrowed down the list to the most promising ideas and started to flesh them out. I considered all the publication details, such as the frequency of publication, the format of the magazine, and the distribution channels. I wanted to make sure that the magazine would be accessible to as many people as possible.

I spent a lot of time considering the type of content that the magazine would feature. I wanted to make sure that it would be unique and appeal to a specific audience. I did a lot of research on the latest trends in typography and design, and I made sure that the magazine would be at the forefront of those trends.

I chose “TypeLab” as the name for the typography magazine because it perfectly captures the essence of the magazine, combining “Type” and “Lab” to convey that it is a space for experimentation and discovery in the world of typography.

I also considered the readership of the magazine. I wanted to make sure that the design and branding elements would appeal to the desired demographic. I established the target audience and readership of the magazine, this helped me to make sure that the branding and design elements would be in line with the readers’ preferences.

To create the logo and color palette, I carefully curated a mood board that I used to guide the design process. The typeface logo was crafted with attention to detail and a focus on typography, and the color palette was chosen to be visually striking and consistent with the overall aesthetic of the magazine.

The result is a bold and visually striking brand that accurately reflects the magazine’s focus on typography and design, and appeals to its target audience. The Type Lab is a magazine that stands out in the crowded world of design publications, and its brand and design elements are an integral part of its success.

Stay tuned to see how I continue to develop the typeLab over the rest of the semester!

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