Here, you will find a collection of my design work in progress, as well as my thoughts and insights on the latest trends and happenings in the design community. In addition to design, I also share my other creative hobbies and projects that I am currently working on. This blog is a space for me to express my creativity and share my design journey with you. I hope you enjoy following along

  • Jack of All Trades or Master or None

    Jack of All Trades or Master or None

    The design field is vast and ever-changing, which can make it difficult for designers to know where to focus their efforts. Some designers choose to specialize in a specific area, while others prefer to explore and learn different areas of design. But is it better to be a “jack of all trades” or a “master…

  • typeLab: Magazine Structure

    typeLab: Magazine Structure

    This week I spent diving deeper into the structure of typeLab including the editorial lineup and flatplan for this particular issue. This was a more conceptual activity separate from the design itself. It was a great exercise to think about the publication as a whole and the consistency between each issue.

  • Sharing Work in Progress

    Sharing Work in Progress

    Sharing your unfinished design work publicly can be nerve-wracking! It can be challenging to put something out into the world that’s not quite polished and perfect yet. So why do it? I created a sandbox, a low-stakes creative hub where I can post all of my work without worrying about being perfect. I recently started…

  • typeLab: Creating a Magazine Brand

    typeLab: Creating a Magazine Brand

    As part of a Graphic Design for Magazine Publication course, I am currently working on developing a typography magazine as part of a semester-long project.

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